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Patents deposed since 2012

4 brevets internationaux, 2 brevets nationaux :
  • International patent : Solar photobioreactor with controlled volume flow dilution (DiCoFluV). WO/2012/069622.
  • International patent : Adhesive composition including deacetylated chitosan. WO/2012/007697.
  • International patent : Sulphated polysaccharide composition. WO/2014/076261.
  • Bresilian patent : C.R. Soccol, C. Larroche, E.B. Sydney (2013). Processo para produção de hidrogênio e ácidos graxos voláteis. PI 1005215-1 A8.
  • French patent : Procédé de détermination de l'activité enzymatique d'une enzyme et dispositif pour sa mise en oeuvre. FR1454163.
  • Enveloppe Soleau (n° : 5011 79 du 20/02/14), Photoprocédés solaires hybrides - Système de séparation spectrale sous concentration.


  • Simulation platform for the validation of a software and hardware robot architecture - Patent 13731106.4-1807, 2015 : Delmas, P.; Malartre F., Chapuis R. & Debain, C.
  • Tracking system for heterogeneous roady objects robust to occlusions - Brevet PJ 12-0897, 2012, Laetitia Lamard and Jean-Philippe Boyer and Roland Chapuis.


Programme transversal

(ADIV - UMT Mécarnéo)

Alric M., Sabourin L., Chenille C., Guire G., Subrin K., A method of deboning the ham, restrainer of the same ham and installation for implementing the method and at least one process, FR 1255685, 18th of june 2012, 30 p.