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Sci. Day IP / Institute of Chemistry / TechMed

 On September 21st, was held the second edition of the Joint Scientific Day of clinical research and medical technology including:

  • The Image-guided Therapy axis of the Institut Pascal (TGI-IP)
  • The Materials for Health team of the Institut de Chimie of Clermont-Ferrand (MPS-ICCF)
  • The TechMed clinical research axis of the CHU (TechMed-CHU).

The actors of the Clermont site working on medical technologies in the field of image-guided therapy and biomaterials had the opportunity to discuss through several presentations/interventions.

Intensive microalgae cultivation at the laboratory Institut Pascal

The GePEB axis of the laboratory Institut Pascal, in collaboration with GEPEA, another laboratory of the town Nantes, developed a new technological version of a modular photobioreactor, particularly effective in the field of microalgae production. This project answers to a demand from the industrial sectors such as health, cosmetics and food for which the production of natural molecules, has just becomed essential.

Best Poster of the Doctoral School SPI day

During the day of the Doctoral School of Sciences for the Engineer in Clermont-Ferrand, the price of the best poster was given to Ali AL IBRAHIM, PhD student in the Electromagnetic Compatibility team of the PHOTON Axis of the Institut  Pascal for its research works on the development of techniques for software correction of faulty transmission lines, as well as the detection of faults.

Institut Pascal at the competition "Ma thèse en 180 secondes"

Paolo CUCCI, PhD student of the GePeb Axis of Institut Pascal, has brilliantly managed to popularize his thesis work, the subject of which speaks about somewhat mysterious for the general public: "Development of a new method of measurement, modeling and prediction of the potential of oxidation-reduction (pOR) with a view to a reasoned improvement of the processes of transformations of the meat products" through its selection for the final phases of the national competition Ma Thèse in 180 seconds.

Link to the video (French)

WOMAN Scientist, WHY NOT ?

"You just have to hang on and believe in your dreams to accomplish them" A beautiful show was organized on Thursday, June 07, 2018 at the Faculty of Medicine of Clermont-Ferrand, animated by Maha ISSAOUI, AN Institut Pascal's PhD (Axis TGI), gathering young people, motivated professors AND women scientists engaged :

  • Professor Evelyne GIL, Director of the Institut Pascal UMR 6602, Physicist
  • Pr Marie-Pierre SAUVANT-ROCHAT, Head of Public Health and Environment Department, Pharmacist
  • Mrs. Marusia REBOLLEDO, Associate Professor LMBP, Mathematician

The good combines to try to change mentalities ....

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