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ASM organizes its scrums at Institut Pascal

The M3G department of Institut Pascal participates in a project to help our favorite rugby club to train to optimize its scrums. SIGMA Clermont engineering school's Researchers and Students and the company 2MATech have developed a robotized rugby yoke. Will this work allow the ASM to regain its title of champion of France and win back the Brennus Shield, the first results are expected for 2019...

French Group of Glycosciences Young Researcher

In an international and interdisciplinary vision of science, the French Group of Glycosciences organizes each year a congress gathering scientists from academic and industrial sectors to present the latest advances in Glycosciences, in terms of structure, synthesis, metabolism and functions of carbohydrate molecules and glycoconjugates, as well as their cosmetic, therapeutic, food, material, diagnostic applications.

At the 2018 edition, the GFG prize was awarded to Cédric DELATTRE, Research Professor at Institut Pacal, Axis GEPEB, for his work on the use of polysaccharides in the design of bio-based materials.

Institut Pascal at "My PhD in 180 sec."

The GePEB Department of Institut Pascal was instrumental in representing the laboratory at the regional finals of the 2018 edition of "My Thesis in 180 seconds", which took place in Clermont-Ferrand on the 8th of March. Topics such as "the fuel of tomorrow", "the quality of our beef meat" and "a complete casting of microalgaes" were cleverly and intelligibly addressed.

Many thanks to our three candidates: Maarouf ABDOU ALIO, Paolo CUCCI and Clément GAIGNARD, who managed to popularize their scientific subjects with skill and a great deal of humor... in just 180 seconds!
All our encouragement and support go to Paolo CUCCI who will defend his motto #balanceplustonboeuf, something like #do-not-get-rid-of-your-beef-anymore at the national semi-finals.

IP activities don't passionate only schoolar public ...

The Institut Pascal contributed to the success of the 2017 edition of La Fête de la Science on October 12th on the Cézeaux campus.

  • Several workshops on the theme "Understanding Physics" were animated by our colleagues :
    Physics worshops by Antoine MOREAU, François REVERET, Martine MIHAILOVIC;
  • "Nanostructures in the service of air : when nanomaterials are applied to the detection of atmospheric micropollutants" workshop by Christelle VARENNE, Jérôme BRUNET and Amadou NDIAYE.
  • Evelyne GIL has also given several lectures on the mysterious theme of the "Lightsaber".

An award in Process Engineering

Ms Zaineb Trad, University of Clermont Auvergne PhD in 2016, student from the Institut Pascal, obtained the 2017 Thesis Prize from the Committee for the Development of Process Engineering in the Rhône Alpes Region (CODEGEPRA), for her works on the analysis experimental and numerical simulation for the extrapolation of a bioreactor for the production of 2nd generation biohydrogen.

This award recognizes young PhDs who contribue significantly to the discipline of Process Engineering. It will be given to her at the next scientific day of the association on November 16th at the Bourget du Lac (Technolac scientific campus, Polytech' Annecy Chambéry / LOCIE).

Institut Pascal in micro-gravity

Lucie POULET, Institut Pascal Phd Student, Axis GePeb, participated in a scientific parabolic flight in an A310 plane. The aim of this experiment is to study the growth mechanisms of plants at different gravity levels to use them for food production, air renewal and water recycling in future manned space missions.

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