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The virtual signature of a laboratory, AI4MobLab, shared between the Institut Pascal and two manufacturers in its field of activity, SHERPA Engineering and LOGIROAD took place this Thursday, September 15, 2022 at the premises of the Institut Pascal.
LOGIROAD and SHERPA Engineering are joining forces with the Institut Pascal to meet the major challenges of tomorrow and in particular to help reduce:

  1. 1. the carbon footprint of the mobility sector, the main CO2-emitting sector, and
  2. 2. the number of deaths on the roads by offering both solutions to improve road infrastructure and increase the perception of vehicles (driving assistance and autonomous vehicles).

The “teapot in a city”: A paradigm shift in urban climate modeling.

Urban areas are a high-stake target of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. To understand, predict, and improve the energy performance of cities, the scientific community develops numerical models that describe how they interact with the atmosphere through heat and moisture exchanges at all scales.

An air of relaxation for IP PhD

The elected representatives of the Institut Pascal PhD community organized a moment of relaxation for their last meeting of the academic year. Their monthly Doctor'IP meeting at the end of July was not the subject of scientific debates in the context of a meal break, but led the participants to solve the puzzles of an escape game on the theme of "the attack of Montferrand".

ESCA platform of Institut Pascal

"In a cubic centimeter of matter, one atom in 10 million is on the surface, but in a cubic nanometer, nearly 80% of the atoms are on the surface."

The ESCA platform is composed of several means of physicochemical characterization of surfaces.
Electronic spectroscopies (XPS, UPS, EELS, EPES ...) allow the elemental and functional chemical analysis of the extreme surface (≤10 nm) of all types of solid materials.
The ultra-high vacuum chamber (UHV) is coupled to a surface preparation chamber: deposition of ultra-thin layers, ion erosion and plasma treatment of surfaces.


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The MECD Institute has been awarded the Institut Carnot label

IP is a partner of the MECD Institute. Through its 4 Technical Centers, its 4 university laboratories and its CTL Network, the MECD Institute is developing an R&D offer that anticipates the major challenges of the construction sector.


Institut Pascal celebrates the 80th anniversary of the CNRS: made by amateurs with the heart, inspired by young dancers whom we warmly thank. It was a real pleasure to share this adventure with them.

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