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Tutelle secondaire CHU Clermont-Ferrand
Membre de Clermont Auvergne INP


Equipment and following specific platforms are the responsibility of the Institut Pascal or responsibility of guardianship (Polytech Clermont / UBP, IFMA) and managed by the IP teams:



- PAVIN Plateform (Auvergne Platform for INtelligent Vehicles): original experimental site in France for the development of automated vehicles in realistic urban environment (Photo: Lionel Suty).



- Fleet of 5 communicating instrumented vehicles in connection with the EquipEx ROBOTEX (Mobile Robotics Component) (Photo: Lionel Suty)


- Platform manipulator robotics of the national network EquipEx ROBOTEX (Production Robotics component).



- PACEM Platform (EMC testing) with high volume bedroom CRBM (8 m3 useful).



- Platform ESCA : Electronic spectroscopy benches: in-situ study of the nanostructuring of surfaces and 3D imaging development.



- Platform Le Pensio: Le Pensio is the laboratory of digital manufacture (FabLab) of the University Clermont Auvergne and the Agglomeration of Puy en Velay. Located on the Puy en Velay campus, it is unique in the Auvergne - Rhône Alpes region, offering the latest digital manufacturing technologies and virtual reality (3D Printer, Digital milling machine, Artec 3D scanner, Portable digital milling machine). It has three objectives: to support innovation, to propose innovative educational initiatives and finally to facilitate access to technological realization to the greatest number. To do this, the Pensio Lab 'brings together human skills and high-tech production machines. The objective is to democratize their uses by accompanying everyone in the realization of his projects and objectives, whatever their nature.


- Platform Materials and Structures of Civil Engineering (scale "1", 700 m2), ECOGRAFI (300 m2 for eco-valuation of granular and fibrous materials), mechanical testing trays and technology transfer center CTT IFMA (3200 m2 ).

- Equipment tomography and champs measurements.

- I
nstrumentalized bioreactors and photobioreactors (100 mL to 30 L).

- Chains of online gas analysis, chromatographic.

- Optical spectroscopy benches with spatial micro-resolution, femto-second temporal resolution.

- E
pitaxial III-V and III-N reactors HVPE , unique on the French territory.

Low gas concentration t

And many others...