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Institut Pascal


Institut Pascal is an interdisciplinary research laboratory working in the strategic fields of the Engineering and Systems Sciences: process engineering, mechanics, robotics, physics for information sciences, health technologies. It is supervised by the University of Clermont Auvergne and the CNRS (INSIS as main institute, INS2I and INP as secondary institutes). CHU University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand is secondary supervisor of the unit. Institut Pascal is member of Clermont Auvergne INP, which includes three engineering schools ISIMA, POLYTECH Clermont and SIGMA Clermont.

Institut Pascal develops innovative and intelligent systems using integrative and multi-scale approaches based on the following scientific fields: electromagnetism, reliability, process and bioprocess engineering, civil engineering, imaging, materials, mechanics, microsystems, nanophysics, perception, photonics, robotics, separation and functionalization of biomolecules, interventional technologies and medical diagnosis.

Institut Pascal is organised into 5 research departments:
• Process Engineering, Energy and Biosystems (GePEB department) - Claude-Gilles DUSSAP
Reactors and Bioreactors, Photoprocesses, Bioenergy, Artificial Closed Ecosystems, Biorefineries.
• Image, Perception Systems, Robotics (ISPR department) - Omar AIT AIDER
Image, Artificial perception, Control for robotics.
• Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering (M3G department) - Hélène CHANAL
Mechanics, Materials, Structures, Machines.
• Photonics, Waves, Nanomaterials (PHOTON department) - Guillaume Malpuech
MicroSystems, Nanosciences, Nanostructures, Photonics, Electromagnetic Compatibility.
• Image Guided Therapy (TGI department) - Jean-Jacques Lemaire
Guidance by Image (pelvis, abdomen, brain), Endovascular techniques, Endoscopy and Computer vision, Impact analysis.

137 lecturers (UCA, Clermont Auvergne INP), 5 researchers (CNRS), 28 lecturers and medical physicians (UCA/CHU), 23 medical physicians, 15 technical staff (UCA), 11 technical staff (CNRS), 147 PhD students and 28 non-permanent staff.

Contracts PIA1 (French Investment Program) : 3
Institut Pascal is owner of the laboratory of excellence LabEx IMobS3 (Innovative Mobility for People, Goods and Machines: smart and sustainable solutions). It is member of the EquipEx CNRS ROBOTEX (robotics). It is a member of the LabEx GaNeX (national network of laboratories working on nitride semiconductors) and the LabEx PRIMES (physics, radiobiology, medical imaging and simulation).

Contracts PIA2 : 1
Institut Pascal is co-carrier of action Challenge 2 Innovative systems and services for transport and production of i-site project CAP 20-25

Industrial partnerships 
Institut Pascal is member of FACTOLAB, a joint laboratory with MICHELIN.

Institut Carnot MECD.

91 national academic, 75 international academic, 47 industrial partners (last five years).

3 LAB'COM shared lab' with industry, 6 START UP.
24 patents (last five years).

7 experimental platforms
• PAVIN (Auvergne Platform for Intelligent Vehicles)
• PRMDex/ROBTOOL (EquipEx CNRS ROBOTEX - Robotic platform for dexter handling and robotic machining)
• PACEM (Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Platform)
• Electronic Spectroscopy Platform
• Optical Spectroscopy Platform
• HVPE Growth Platform
• The Pensio (Digital Platform, Cave, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality - IUT Puy en Velay)

8 experimental platforms of partners
• Bio-Up (Platform for the development of bioprocesses - POLYTECH Clermont)
• Gen'Mat Materials (Physical and physicochemical characterization of materials - POLYTECH Clermont)
• ECOGRAFI (Platform for the ECO-valorisation of granular and film materials - POLYTECH Clermont)
• MSGC (Platform for materials and structures for civil engineering - POLYTECH Clermont)
• 2MATech (Technological transfer platform for materials and innovative mechanics) and CTT (Technological transfer center) (SIGMA Clermont)
• IRM 3T Research (Platform IVIA - CHU Clermont)
• Laparoscopy and experimental catheterization platform (UFR Médecine)

UFR and Training components
EUPI (Physics and Engineering), UFR Médecine et Pharmacie (medicine and pharmacy), UFR Biologie (biology), IUT Clermont Auvergne (technology).

Clermont Auvergne INP/3 Engineering schools

3 Doctoral schools
Sciences pour l’Ingénieur (engineering)/ Sciences Fondamentales (sciences)/ Sciences de la Vie, Santé, Agronomie, Environnement (biology, health, environment).