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Photon programs

Over the 5 past years, the Photon department has been involved in 8 European projects, 8 ANR projects, 12 industrial projects, and 19 other projects (12 internationals, 7 nationals), several being coordinated by the Institut Pascal. The department has been recently involved in two Laboratories of Excellence devoted to mobility (IMobS3) and Gallium Nitride-based nanostructures (GANEX). The list of currently running projects is given below.

European projects
  • Initial Training Network « Spin-Optronics ». 2009-2013, 12 parters. Role : Coordination
  • Initial Training Network « Clermont 4 » Physics of Microcavities, 2009-2013, 10 parters. Role : Participant
  • European Concerted Research Action COST Action TD1105 EuNetAir "European Network on New Sensing Technologies for Air-Pollution Control and Environmental Sustainability", 22 partners, Role : Participant, Member of Management Committee
  • People Marie Curie Action EM TRANS PLC : Modelling of Electromagnetic Transients and PLC Energy Services , Role : Coordinator. More details : see here.
  • FUNPROB (2011-2015) : FP7-PEOPLE-2010, Marie Curie Actions—International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES), proposing to use III-V semiconductor nanowires as functioning sensors at the apex of scanning probes.
  • European Program COST 2012-2016 (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) – Trans-disciplinary Action TD1105- European Network on New Sensing Technologies for Air Pollution Control and Environmental Sustainability
  • European project PARSEM 2005-2009 (6e PCRDT CEE RTN) : Interfacial phenomena at atomic resolution and multi-scale properties of novel III-V semiconductors.

French ANR projects

    Labex IMobS3 2011-2021
    Labex GANEX 2012-2022
    ANR Jeune Chercheur PGP (Physique des Gap-Plasmon, 2014-2018)
    ANR Blanc "CLAC" (2009-2012)
    ANR Blanc "Quandyde" Quantum effects in microcavities, 4 partners, 2011-2014, Participant
    ANR Blanc "CAPBTX" A Sensing composite structure-based Microsystem devoted to the selective measurement of benzene, toluene and xylenes, 2010-2013, Coordinator
    ANR Blanc "POLL CAP" Development of semiconductor gas sensor microsystems for the monitoring of atmospheric gaseous pollutants, 2006-2010, Coordinator
    ANR "FIDEL" InGaN Nanowires for Electroluminescent Diodes, 2012-2015, Participant
    ANR Blanc "SPINJECT" Spin polarized tunneling from an optically excited GaAs tips, 2006-2009, Participant


    Run to the Synchrotron SOLEIL (France: RUN on the SMIS beamline June 2012)
    European DEISA (Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications): Projet STOPQuaLMS (Slater Type Orbital Package for Quantum Monte Carlo on Large Molecular Systems) 2008-2009