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Machines, Mechanisms and Industrial Systems (MMSI)



MMSI is part of the department Mechanics, Materials and Structures (MMS) of the Institut Pascal and interacts with the other thematic through transversal programs.

MMSI: Machines, Mechanisms, and Industrial Systems focuses on a multidisciplinary approach based on methodological developments of structural synthesis, modeling and optimization of engines, machinery, industrial robots and systems.

Position in the Institut Pascal

Co-ordination and animation of the action "intelligent and innovative machines and robots" of the transversal program

The research potential of the MMSI theme can address topics of study as a whole, combining the points of view mechanic and organizational and linked to the control of industrial systems. The researches are both theoretical and finalized on machines and production systems by integrating the modeling of their their behaviour and applicability to the task. This broad spectrum of expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive response to changes in industrial systems, which have to ensure a high level of performance in a variable or changing environment. This variability may be related to changes in tasks, morphology parts or organization. It is mainly due to social and economic factors that require European companies to increase their level of performance and versatility to compete with low cost countries.

All these new requirements are summarized in the concept of agility to ensure that the study complex system provides scalable missions with increased performance.

This concept is discussed in three themes structuring the theme MMSI:



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