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Nanophotonics et nanostructures (N2)



Theory and spectroscopy of semiconductor nanostructures, Optical Electromagnetism.

We study theoretically and experimentally microcavities in the strong coupling regime between light and matter. Bose Einstein condensation of exciton-polaritons and related phenomena, such as superfluidity, spinoptronics, room temperature polariton lasing, are studied. Another topic of research is the manipulation of light in photonic crystals and metamaterials.

Nanophotonics and Nanostructures is operationally divided into three closely collaborating research groups:


N2 results from an alliance between solid state physics and optical electromagnetism theoreticians, and experimentalists performing optical spectroscopies. We study light manipulation and control by using nanostructures. Fundamental phenomena are studied such as exciton-polariton Bose Einstein condensation, superfluidity, spinoptronics. These phenomena take place in semiconductor microcavities operating in the strong coupling regime. GaN and ZnO based structures are in the focus of the experimental studies, for they have been demonstrated to be the appropriate structures for achieving the above mentioned effects at room temperature. Another topic is the study of light manipulation using photonic crystals or metamaterials. We are collaborating with many experimental and theoretical groups in France and all over the world (30 partners). We are international leaders on light-matter issues. We are involved in many French projects (two LabEx, several ANR) and European projects, including one large project coordination.

Production of the N2 group over the last contract plan (2010-2015): 150 international papers, 29 international invitations.

Cumulated audience since the creation of the group (former LASMEA lab. and Institut Pascal): more than 7000 citations for the papers of the group. 26 papers have been cited more than 100 times and 74, more than 50 times (from Web of Science).



Head Pierre DISSEIX This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +33 4 7340 7343