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Integrated System Analysis and Circular Engineering (IC)


The theme “Integrated System Analysis and Circular Engineering” (IC) is transverse to the other themes developed at GePEB. Structuring R&D programs support IE activities. Being subdivided with several research projects, these programs share the objective of global quantification of mass and energy flows in complex flow sheets, generally integrating the notions of environmental impacts and recycling of mass and energy. In 2017, IE theme comprises three major programs, of regional, national and international importance:

  • Bio-Valo: service and innovation platform for the development of the biomass valorisation in Auvergne Rhône Alpes region;
  • IMobS3: LabEx on Innovative Mobility: Smart and Sustainable Solutions for Mobility;
  • MELiSSA: Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative.


Bio-Valo: With an approach based on circular economy, especially for agricultural activities, Bio-Valo platform offers a test facility and an industrial tool for the valorisation of biomass, with the objective to develop innovative processes in the field of green chemistry: production of platform molecules, of methane, of hydrogen, etc.


IMobS3: The third challenge of LabEx IMobS3 on which GePEB is involved is "Energy for mobility". Within this vast field, the activities supported by GePEB develop know-how on three aspects:

  • Production processes of energy vectors;
  • Management of embedded energy vectors;
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) associated with the production and use of energy vectors.


MELiSSA: The European MELiSSA MOU, managed by European Space Agency (ESA), comprises 15 public and private partners with the objective of designing and developing spatialisable bioregenerative life support systems. MELiSSA includes several specific projects, including a test platform at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. GePEB is in charge of designing and modelling bioprocesses for different closed or semi-enclosed ecosystems [ Read more ...].